MGMT 5373/ ECON 5373 Global Business



This guide will help you complete your Global Immersion Team Project. You will find important information that will allow you to link to library and information resources needed to gather background information on China and India in regard to economic development, product trends, import and export issues, consumer data and other issues of importance to conducting global business. This guide includes links to resources, as well as tutorials that will assist you if you need help learning to use the recommended tools and resources. If you need further assistance you can contact your subject librarian, the distance education librarian or for more immediate needs chat with a librarian online or call the Mullins Library Research Assistance desk.

Class Assignment

Global Business Course Summer 2016

This objective of the course is to provide you with an integrated overview of the global business environment. 

An important component of the course is the Global Immersion Team Project.

Global Immersion Team Project

We want you to identify an opportunity, problem, or issue relating to Global Business that you can carefully investigate and ultimately make conclusions and recommendations to address.

There are a number of possible approaches that your team could take for the projects. Examples are the following:

  • Identify a US product or service that you believe has potential in China/India and perform a feasibility study or export plan..
  • Identify a product or service originating in China/India that you believe can be successfully imported into the US and develop plan to import that product.
  • Investigate an issue that you believe is a key challenge in an emerging market—for example the challenges of developing and implementing a reliable cold food-chain system in China/India.
  • Firms in Arkansas (or other states) may be interested in participating in global trade [exporting products or importing inputs] but maybe too small or immature to know how to capitalize on global markets. You could deliver a step-by-step guide/report to such a company.
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