Master of Science Operations/Engineering Management

Resources for the Master of Science in Operations/Engineering Management.

Where Do I Search For?

A place to start

Hoover's or the Business & Company Resource Center

Annual Report For SEC required reports (10K) check EDGAR or Hoover's; for shareholders annual reports, check the company website
Background Information Books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other references sources- check out the Library's catalog
Business Plan Information Business Plans Handbook; How to Write A Business Plan 
Chief Officers Hoover's; Mergent
Company History Business & Company Resource Center; Hoover's
Company Profiles Business & Company Resource Center; Business Source Complete, Hoover's; Lexis Nexis
Competitor Information Business & Company Resource Center; Business Source Complete; Hoover's; Mergent; Mintel
Country Information Business Source CompleteLexis Nexis
Consumer Information Mintel; company website; news articles (try databases like ABI/Inform, Business Source Complete or Lexis Nexis- you may want to search for customers of an industry, not just a specific company)
Employee Information Look at the company's annual report, check with the company's HR department
Financials Business & Company Resource Center; Hoover's; Lexis Nexis; Mergent; Mintel; Valueline
Harvard Business Review Access to HBR is available through Business Source Complete
Industry Reports Business & Company Resource Center; Business Source Complete; Hoover's; Standard & Poor's Net Advantage
Investment Reports Business & Company Resource CenterBusiness Source Complete; Lexis Nexis; MergentValueline
Lawsuits & Legal Actions Business & Company Resource Center; Lexis Nexis; Additionally check the Law Library- they have in-house databases that will aid your research
Long Term Plans 10K; company websites
Market Share Information Business & Company Resource Center; Standard & Poor's Net Advantage; SRDS Local Market Analyst
Market Reports Business Source Complete
Marketing Reports Mintel
News & Trade Articles ABI/Inform; Business & Company Resource Center; Business Source Complete; Lexis NexisNewspapers Research Guide
Operations Information Business & Company Resource Center; Lexis Nexis; Mergent
Parent & Subsidiary Companies Business & Company Resource Center; Hoover'sLexis Nexis; Mergent; company website
Regulatory Information U.S. Small Business Administration; Securities & Exchange Commission; Occupational Safety & Health Administration; Food & Drug Administration & other government websites
Scholarly Research ABI/Inform; Business Source Complete; EconLitJSTOR
SEC Filings (10K, 8K, EDGAR, etc.) Business & Company Resource Center; EDGAR; Hoover's; Lexis Nexis; Morningstar; company's website
SEC Violations SEC Litigation; Business & Company Resource Center; Lexis Nexis
SIC or NAICS codes Business & Company Resource CenterHoover's; Lexis Nexis      
Statistics Lexis Nexis Statistical;  Bureau of Labor Statistics;; InfoNation; Mintel (marketing statistics)
Stock Prices Lexis Nexis; Mergent; Morningstar; Standard & Poor's Net AdvantageYahoo! Finance; Reuters Finance
SWOT Analyses Business & Company Resource Center; Business Source Complete; Lexis Nexis
Trade Associations Business & Company Resource Center; Mintel
Wall Street Journal -Online full text WSJ is available via ProQuest
Wharton Research Data Services (limited access) See WRDS Research Guide for dataset & account information

Industry Information

Company information is only part of the equation.  Industry information is also needed when developing a new product.

Ebsco Business Source Complete is another of our Top Ten databases.  It provides access to full text articles from more than 3,000 scholarly business journals covering all areas of business and economics.  Special industry reports are also available as well as the useful SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Some search tips to get relevant articles more quickly.

  • Use the "Select a field" pull down to narrow in on a company. 
    • For example -- searching "e ink" with the "CO Company Entity" field finds over 100 articles about that specific company.  Searching without that option returns some interesting articles on social networks as well as other topics not directly associated with the company of interest.
  • Use the "Source Types" to retrieve certain types of reports.  Options include:
    • Product Reviews
    • Market Research Reports
    • Industry Profiles
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Country Reports
  • The "Subject Terms" listed in the detailed record (which also has an abstract and the NAICS/Industry Codes) can be used to help get more relevant answers by either broadening the search or narrowing the search. 
    • Click on the "Subject Term" in the detailed record to a new broader search.  The modify the search as necessary.
    • Click on the subject term in the left column to add it to the current search.  This will shrink the number of retrieved articles citations by making the search more specific.
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