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A Note about Privacy

Searching on the Web means your work may be tracked.  Some sites, such as Google Patents and the European Patent Office track searches and maintain information about specific user searching.  Check with the professor you are working with to determine if this is a potential problem.

Patent Example

Diagram from a patent depicting a crash test dummy hitting the hood a car that is coated in a sticky glue. This is to prevent secondary crashes.

A system for protecting a colliding object from a secondary impact, after an initial impact with a vehicle, including a vehicle having a front end, an adhesive layer positioned on the front end of the vehicle, a coating positioned over the adhesive layer, wherein, upon the initial impact between the colliding object and the vehicle, the coating is broken exposing the adhesive layer to adhere the colliding object to the adhesive layer during the initial impact. (1)

University of Arkansas Patents

Many professors here at the University of Arkansas do work that they later patent. By following the link below, you can look at and search the various patents from the Universiy of Arkansas.

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