Writing and Publishing: Resources for Researchers and Scholars

This Library Guide is brought to you by the Office of Scholarly Communications, where our goal is to help you reach yours.


The Office of Scholarly Communications offers a variety of workshops (see below). If you would like to suggest additional topics or schedule a custom-designed workshop for your own group, please contact Melody [herr@uark.edu].

Melody Herr, the workshop leader, offers a range of expertise and experience. She’s a scholar with a PhD in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology from Johns Hopkins University; but she’s not a narrow specialist. Before coming to the U of A, she spent more than 16 years in acquisitions at university presses: Johns Hopkins University Press, Northern Illinois University Press, and the University of Michigan Press. During the course of her publishing career, Melody acquired books in a range of fields from regional topics, business history, and US history to law, political science, and international relations. As a result of this graduate training and professional experience, she is conversant with the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences as well as with interdisciplinary scholarship.

Melody wants to help you get published!  Come to the workshops to learn how to

  • choose the right journal for your article
  • prepare a book proposal for a publisher
  • navigate peer review
  • understand a publishing agreement
  • protect your rights as an author

Your Rights As an Author

As an author, you own a number of rights to your work. Come to this workshop to learn about those rights and strategies for managing them.

Workshop Leader: Melody Herr


Publishing Your Journal Article

Learn how to select an appropriate journal and how to navigate the peer review process.

Workshop Leader: Melody Herr


Integrity: Publishing Your Own Work and Citing Others

This workshop welcomes researchers and scholars who have questions about publishing their own work and citing the work of others.

Workshop Leader: Melody Herr


Understanding a Publishing Agreement

Coming soon

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