ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides

Submission Process

If you would like assistance, we would be happy to post your contribution for you in your department's section of ScholarWorks@UARK.

Please contact

If you would prefer to create a SelectedWorks account where you can post your work yourself, please follow the instructions under the next tab. We can assist you with creating your own account and getting started.

Your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation should be posted separately with ProQuest through the Graduate School. The publishing settings explain what you are selecting through ProQuest and how it will translate when added to ScholarWorks@UARK. These publishing settings range from the most open access option to the least open.

In addition to your thesis or dissertation, we welcome contributions of the following types of content:


Conference papers

Lectures and presentations

Teaching materials


Unpublished articles

Law reviews

Preprints and published articles as well as book chapters, submitted with the approval of the copyright holder

Creative works

For publishing and sharing your data please access the Research Data Management research guide. 

Please refer to the Guidelines for an overview of the types of materials and file formats welcomed, restrictions on file sizes, and policies regarding access and restrictions (e.g., copyright, embargoes, multiple postings, and withdrawal).

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