Research Support Services for the Field of Agriculture (a study via semi-structured interviews)

Results of a series of semi-structured interviews, done as part of a national survey.

The Final Local Report and the full National Report

Reports from other institutions

Auburn University Auburn's report  
Clemson University Clemson's report      
Cornell University Cornell's report      
Kansas State University Kansas State's report  
National Agricultural Library NAL's report  
Oklahoma State University OSU's report      
Oregon State University Oregon State's report  
Purdue University - W.Lafayette Purdue's report      
Texas A&M TAMU's report
University of Arkansas U Arkansas' report
University of California-Davis UC Davis' report
University of Connecticut

UConn's report

University of Florida UF's report  
University of Georgia Georgia's report
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign UIllinois' report  
University of Minnesota UMinn's report  
University of Nebraska-Lincoln UNebraska's report
Virginia Tech Virginia Tech's report  
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