EndNote Basic

Resources for EndNote Basic at the University of Arkansas

Getting Started

  1. Registration
    1. Navigate to www.myendnoteweb.com
    2. Go through the online registration
    3. Note:  Your password will not change when you change your UARK password
  2. Importing References
  1. Web of Science databases (Biological Abstracts, Medline, Web of Science Core Collection, Zoological Records, Inspec, KCI-Korean Journal Database, SciELO Citation Index)
    1. Direct Import to EndNote Basic
      1. Perform a search in one of the Web of Science databases
      2. Mark the records you would like to save
      3. Click on  at the top of the page and then click Send
      4. Enter your e-mail address and EndNote basic password in the next box. The records will be saved in your EndNote Basic account in the [unfiled] group
  2. Search external databases from within EndNote Basic
    1. Under the Collect tab in EndNote Basic, click Online Search
    2. Select a database from the dropdown list and click Connect
    3. Enter search terms                     
      1. Select select a range of records to retrieve, click Search, specify the range of records to export, and click Retrieve.
      2. Or Select retrieve all records and click Search
    4. Mark the records you want to save
    5. Select the group where the records will be saved by using the Add to Group… dropdown. A new group can be created by selecting New Group.
  3. Other online databases (SciFinder, PubMed, Reaxys, ProQuest, etc.)
    1. Manual Export/Import
      1. See the “Importing References from Databases to EndNote Basic” handout
    2. Automatic Export/Import
      1. See the “Importing References from Databases to EndNote Basic” handout for database-specific instructions for selecting, marking, and exporting references
      2. References can be automatically imported into your EndNote basic account from many databases. In order to do so, you must install Cite While You Write™ on your computer
        1. Login to EndNote basic
        2. Click the Downloads tab
        3. Below the section titled Cite While You Write, download the version compatible with your system and then install it. This will also install ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper which is used to open RIS files and export them to EndNote basic
      3. In the Database, perform your search and then mark the desired references
      4. Export your references
        1. Chose the EndNote basic option if available
        2. If it is not available, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, and RIS will work
        3. When asked to save or open a RIS file, choose open
      5. Enter your EndNote basic username and password when prompted
        1. Wait until you see a message confirming successful export, and then click OK
          1. The references can now be viewed in the [unfiled] group
      6. If references are importing improperly, use the manual export/import option described in “Importing References from Databases to EndNote Basic”

3. Manually Entering References

  1. Under the Collect tab, click New Reference
  2. Select an option from the Reference Type dropdown
  3. As you type available information in the proper fields, the reference will automatically save in the [unfiled] group
  4. To save in another group, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the triangle next to the Groups field.  Check the groups where you wish to save the New Reference.

4. Organizing References

  1. Creating a New Group
    1. Under the My References tab, check any citations that you wish to move into a new group
    2. On the Add to group… dropdown, select New group (ensure that browser is set to allow popups from www.myendnoteweb.com)
    3. Type a name for the new group and click OK
  2. Moving Citations to Different Groups
    1. Under the My References tab, locate the panel on the left side of the screen containing your group names.  Click on the folder containing the citations to be moved
    2. Check all citations that you wish to move into a different group
    3. On the Add to group… dropdown, select the title of the destination folder
    4. If desired, select
  3. Sharing Groups with Other User Accounts
    1. Under the Organize tab, click Manage My Groups
    2. In the Share column on the table, mark the group that you want to share
    3. Next to the check mark, click Manage Sharing
    4. Click Start sharing this group
    5. In the text box, type the email addresses of the users that will be sharing your group
    6. Set the reading and writing permissions and then click Apply

5. Exporting References

  1. Exporting a Bibliography
    1. Under the Format tab, click Bibliography
    2. Under the References dropdown, select the folder containing the citations for your bibliography
    3. Under the Bibliographic style dropdown, specify the proper style
    4. Under the File format dropdown, select RTF (Word-compatible rich text file)
    5. Click Save to download the bibliography

6. Synchronizing Microsoft Word with EndNote Basic (Cite While You Write)

  1. Download and Installation
    1. Under the Format tab, click Cite While You Write Plug-In
    2. Select the hyperlink corresponding to your system (Windows/Mac).  Run the installation file.
    3. Open Microsoft Word and verify installation by locating the EndNote tab.

          b. See the “Managing Citations in Microsoft Word with the Cite While You Write Plug-In” handout for further instruction.



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