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Capture on the Fly

You may use the Capture tool in EndNoteTM Basic to capture the bibliographic information from a webpage, a pdf or html document and  store them in your Endnote database. The reference(s) you capture will be saved in the Unfiled group if no group is specified.

To capture references, you must first install the Capture Reference tool as follows:

Login in your EndNoteTM Basic account click on the Downloads tab


Left click and hold down  the Capture Reference button above, and drag it to either your “Favorites Bar” or add to your “Bookmarks”

You may wish to make the Bookmarks bar visible for the browser you are using. To do this:

For Google Chrome:

a. On your computer, open Chrome.

b. At the top right, click Customize and control Google Chrome 

c. Select Bookmarks then Show Bookmarks Bar or use the keyboard shortcuts:

     I.  Ctrl+Shift+b for Windows PC.

     II. Command+shift+b for Mac.

d. Left click and hold down the Capture Reference button to drag to the Bookmarks Bar


For Mozilla Firefox:

a. On your computer, open Mozilla Firefox.

b. At the top right, click   to show your bookmarks 

c. Select Bookmarks Toolbar then  view Bookmarks Toolbar

d. Left click and hold down the Capture Reference button to drag to the Bookmarks Bar.


For Internet Explorer:

a. On your computer, open Internet Explorer.

b. Right Click on  at the top right of the screen to add the Favorite bar

c. Left click and hold down the Capture Reference button to drag to the Favorites Bar.


To capture the reference(s):

  1. Navigate to the web page that presents bibliographic data you want to capture, or open a pdf file, or an html document, etc.

Visit http://tinyurl.com/y8ynddh4 for a listing of the capture compatible sources

  1. Click the Capture References button.
  2. Click the Save To button and then select my.endnoteweb.com.   Alternately, select EndNote to save the reference to your library in EndNote desktop.

Tip: A default reference type, the type most commonly used, is assigned to each Resource when captured. After saving the reference with Capture, confirm that the reference type is correct and all fields indicated with asterisks are complete. Otherwise you may need to complete or modify the information captured as may be necessary.

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