Rice Research and Practice

AgNIC site for rice research and practice.

Selecting resources

What kind of information do I need, how much, and in what format?  

  • If you are looking for a definition, a bit of information, or a discrete fact, then an encyclopedia, handbook or dictionary might do the trick. I have heard of people spending hours looking for the boiling point of a substance when we have handbooks that will show you in a moment! 
  • If you are affiliated with this University, you may select a database by choosing your subject from the list of databases under Electronic Resources and Databases. For example, clicking on Agriculture generates a list including Agricola, CAB, Biological Abstracts, Web of Science, and others.

NOTE: Most topics show up in more than one database! For example, articles about rice will show up in Food Science and Technology Abstracts, Medline and CINAHL, as well as in Agricola, CAB, and others.

  • Many of the databases will allow you to limit your search to "peer reviewed" or "scholarly" articles. Most often, these will be of better quality and more in-depth than magazine or newspaper articles.
  • When using any database provided by the Libraries, the user is responsible for observing the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Students, faculty, and staff should understand the fair use guidelines that protect scholarship and research.

Databases, bibliographies, genome lists and other resources

The following databases contain substantial information on rice research. However, some of these databases are by subscription only. Freely available ones are stacked at the top of the list and identified with a world or globe icon Icon next to the database title.

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