Rice Research and Practice

AgNIC site for rice research and practice.


Selected Websites containing rice recipes

California Rice Commission

Sausage and Apricot Balsamic Rice, Greek Garden Rice Salad, and other consumer recipes 

Fried rice recipes

CD Kitchen Fried Rice recipes featuring reviews and photos 

Indian recipes, inc. some with rice

Indian recipes including their Indian names and provenance

Mexican rice recipes

Mexican rice dishes from cooks.com

Producers Rice Mill Inc.

Rice Lasagna, Apple Rice Crisp, and more  

Rice Federation

From appetizers to desserts, including baby food and gluten-free recipes

Rice Gourmet

Simple and elegant tastes from around the world 

Phipps Country Store and Farm

Phipps Country recipe collection featuring Black Sticky Rice Pudding with toasted sesame seeds

Riceland Food (Riceland)

Database of rice recipes searchable by name, ingredient, category  

Success Rice

Offers a wide variety of recipes for any meal occasion including appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, entrees and desserts.  

Sushi Recipes

A wide assortment of Miyamoto Foods sushi recipes; includes their own recipes and links to other sushi resources on the web 

Uncle Ben's

Uncle Ben's recipe collection searchable by product, preparation time, cuisine and cooking method

Wild Rice Recipes

International Wild Rice Association's recipes, including creamy wild rice soup and cucumber rice salad

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