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On the go but need to know? Use your smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device  to find journal articles, save citations to your bibliography, and more. These library resources are only a thumb-click away (just please don't do research and drive).

Trouble connecting from your phone? Try the campus VPN connection.

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New and Noteworthy: Kanopy App

Kanopy Mobileapp for iPhoneapp for AndroidThe Kanopy App lets you stream acclaimed movies and documentaries on-demand from award-winning filmmakers. Browse our collection of top film-festival favorites, the best classic films, world cinema, and popular movies. It's available as an  iOS app from the iTunes store or as an Android app from Google Play.

To use the Kanopy app when you are away from the campus network, you;ll need to create a personal Kanopy account. 

  1. Visit the full Kanopy site when connected to the campus network. 
  2. Click the Sign Up link and create a personal account.
  3. Complete the account setup process by clicking the link in the validation email sent to you. 
  4. Download the Kanopy iOS app from the iTunes store or the Android app from Google Play.
  5. Login in with the personal  account you created at the full Kanopy site. 

You can also link your Kanopy account to your Roku device or Apple TV. 

Read more on the Kanopy support site

New and Noteworthy: My Knovel to Go

app for iPhoneapp for Android

My Knovel To GoKnovel, the collection of engineering and technical handbooks and manuals, has released an app for Android and iOS (iPads only).  My Knovel to Go allows you to save documents from the  Knovel database to be read at a later time on your tablet.


How it works:

  1. First, access the Libraries' subscription to Knovel
  2. Create a personal account on Knovel by clicking the My Knovel link. 
  3. On the right list of links, click on Mobile Authentication / License. Cope the Mobile Athentication Code and License. 
    Note that these codes expires in just a few minutes. 
  4. Download the free My Knovel to Go app for Android or iOS
  5. Log into the app with the credentials you received in step 3. 

Once you are logged into your My Knovel account, search for content. Save any items you might wish to read later to your My Knovel account.  These will be available in your My Knovel to Go App for later use.

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