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Connectivity and Network

Pulse Secure Logo

App for AndroidApp for iOS

Pulse Secure is the VPN app of choice for the University of Arkansas. Use this app to connect to the campus network.  Download and configuration instructions 


To use a VPN connection to library subscription resources, be sure to use the settings for the special library VPN

FileExplorer Icon

App for iOS

FileExplorer is a file manager app for iOS.  Use FileExplorer to connect to the library file servers such as Alexandria from your iPad.  A pro version is also available for $4.99. 


To connect to Alexandria from your iPad:

  1. Download the FileExplorer and Pulse Secure apps from the iTunes Store.
  2. Connect to campus VPN with Pulse Secure.
  3. Open FileExplorer and select the + for a new connection.
  4. 4. Choose a NAS connection.
  5. The host /domain should be  \\alexandria.  and a subfolder that you have access to, for example,  \\alexandria\cataloging
  6. Leave the other settings as they are and input your uark username and password when prompted.

FileExplorer will allow you to connect, browse files, open them, and download them.  It will not allow you to upload edited or new files back to the server. 


Prompt SSH

Costs money App for iOS

Prompt is a popular SSH app for IOS that costs $14.99. Use this tool to connect to character-based Sierra or other applications.



SSH Term Pro

Costs money App for iOS

Costs moneyApp for iOS

SSH Term Pro also provides full SSH functionality for only $4.99.  Use this tool to connect to character-based Sierra or other applications.



Juice SSH

App for Android

Costs moneyApp for iOS

JuiceSSH is a free SSH client for Android.  A paid upgrape to JuiceSSH Pro is also available.   Use this tool to connect to character-based Sierra or other applications.


Sierra on a Surface Pro / Windows Tablet

Install Sierra as you usually would with these instructions

Because of the high screen resolution, Sierra menus can look pretty tiny on a Windows tablet. Here's a configuration tip to make the program easier to read:

  1. Right-click on the Sierra shortcut icon and choose “Properties.” 
  2. Choose compatibility.
  3. Check the box “override high DPI” and select scaling performed by “System.”
  4. Apply and close. 

The first time you open Sierra after making this change, it can be quite big and float off the screen. Grab a corner and resize the Sierra window until it fits your screen.  The next time you reopen Sierra, it should stay resized.

Sierra on an iPad

There is no app for Sierra on iOS mobile devices.  There is a Sierra Web application that is still in testing and with limited simultaneous users.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about connecting to Sierra Web. 



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