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Welcome to the University of Arkansas Libraries’ website, Rice Research and Practice.

Arkansas is a national and international leader in rice production, technology, and information. The University of Arkansas offers comprehensive programs to students, and supports scientists, farmers and governments in rice research, extension, education, marketing, and policy development.

Through its partnership with Arkansas farmer-owned cooperatives, the Rice Research and Promotion Board, and other groups, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture serves as a major resource for research and education regarding the world's most important food crop.

This site is part of the Agriculture Network Information Center(AgNIC). As an AgNIC partner, we provide selected reputable resources on rice research in the developed world for researchers, information specialists, educators, and the public.

Online resources listed here include databases, abstracts and indexes; some are free, others require a subscription. If you aren't affiliated with the University of Arkansas, check local libraries to see if they provide these tools to help you find comprehensive information on all aspects of rice.

The University of Arkansas Libraries has collected and added links to Open Access articles and other freely available web resources in our AgNIC portal. Click on the "Open Access Articles" tab to get to the list; click on "View" to see the complete record, and then on the full-text link in the field labeled "URL."

See the tabs above for other information related to rice and rice research, statistics, processing and so on.

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This guide was originally developed by and owes much to Luti Salisbury and some of her staff. Their work includes the citations to open access articles from the inception of the project through 2012. 

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