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What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a plagiarism checking software available through BlackBoard.. It compares the text in a submitted document with published resources available to or harvested by the vendor. A report is generated that indicates when phrases, sentences, and larger text strings match materials in the SafeAssign database.  Careful review of the report is needed to determine if the writer of the submitted document has copied materials without providing correct attribution.

As a student you may be required to submit written assignments through this software. The report generated is generally available to the instructor.

You are also able to submit documents in a confidential manner using the "self-enrollment" option.

SafeAssign Help

SafeAssign Self-Enrollment Instructions

Step 1: Log into BlackBoard.

Step 2: Click on the SafeAssign folder in the course catalog.

Click on the SafeAssign folder

Step 3:  Click on the button by Course ID, student.safeassign. This will open an enrollment button.

Click on the enrollment button

Step 4:  Click on the Submit button. SafeAssign will now be listed under your courses.

Click on the submit button

When you are ready to check your document against the SafeAssign database go to the submission area and follow the instructions.