Basic Library Instruction

This guide includes information to introduce students to basic beginning library research methods and provides an introduction to library services and resources.


Welcome to the basic library instruction guide.  The focus of this guide is on helping you learn to conquer research-based assignments with ease.  Research-based assignments might include research papers, business briefs, literary analysis papers for which you may be required to conduct source searches for literary criticism, speeches and debates, annotated bibliographies, and other assignments that require you to gather, synthesize, and cite published sources.    

In this guide, you will learn more about choosing information sources, beginning the research process, reading academic/scholarly articles, search for resources at the University of Arkansas, and where to go for help with citations and searches. There are two embedded tutorial activities.  The first is after Part 1,  the second is the end of the guide, the Tutorial Review.  Please complete each of these. Your participation results will be forwarded to your course instructor.