GNEG 1103: Introduction to Engineering (8W)

Failure Analysis Project

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Purpose of This Page

This Research Guide brings together resources you should use to complete the "Engineering Failure Quiz"  in Week 2-Lesson 1: The Role of Analysis in Engineering. All resources have been reviewed by your instructor and are available to you as an enrolled student at the University of Arkansas; they are provided by the University Libraries. Using resources from the University Libraries will often save you time in finding good quality information to help you understand engineering.

In order to answer some questions posed in the Quiz use the resources on the two pages listed in the left menu -- Kansas City: Death by Design and Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Galloping Gertie). The resources needed to answer the Quiz have an "instructor approved" green checkmark.

You are allowed to have these resources open while taking the quiz. The purpose of this assignment is to find information to answer the questions. You do NOT need to memorize the information. Just find it and use it to provide a correct answer.

This guide is designed for this specific assignment. For more general engineering resources that might assist you in other classes please go to the Engineering Research Guide.

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