Open Educational Resources (OER): A Guide for Student Advocates

Looking for courses that don't require the purchase of a textbook? Try these! These courses utilize open educational resources. This list includes OER and OER+ (OER and library resources) courses.

Fall 2021 OER Courses
ACCT 2023 (Online) Accounting Principles II Principles of Accounting, V.2:  Managerial Accounting (OpenStax)
AGEC 2202 Food and Agricultural Marketing An Interactive Text for Food and Agricultural Markets
AMPD 1023 Introduction to Apparel Production  
ANTH 1023 (Online) Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Perspective:  An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology
ASTR 2003 Survey of the Universe Astronomy (OpenStax)
CIED 1013 Introduction to Education Introduction to Education (BETA)
COMM 1003 Basic Course in the Arts: Film Lecture Moving Pictures
ELAC 5043/5033 Research Writing
ELAC 5050 International Graduate Teaching Assistant Training
ELEG 3124 System & Signal Analysis Signals and Systems
HDFS 2433 Child Development Understanding the Whole Child:  Prenatal Development Through Adolescence
HDFS 2493 Introduction to Cultural Competence Intercultural Communication and Creating Cultural Competence
HDFS 3453 Parenting and Family Dynamics Parenting and Family Diversity Issues
HDFS 4473 Multicultural Families Various/ OER+ and Creating Cultural Competence
HIST 2003 History of the American People to 1877 Various/OER+   (10 Sections)
HIST 2013 History of the American People since 1877 Various/OER+ (7 Sections)
HORT 3103 Woody Landscape Plants  
INEG 3623 Simulation Simulation Modeling and Arena
MUSY 2003 Music in World Cultures Music in World Cultures
PBHL 2663 Terminology for Health Professions  
PHYS 2054 University Physics I University Physics I:  Classical Mechanics
PORT 1003 Introduction to Portuguese I Bate-Papo and  Plural:  Portugues pluricentrico
SCWK 4093 Human Behavior and Social Environ I Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SCWK 4103  Human Behavior and Social Environ II Human Behavior and  the Social Environment II
SOCI 4603 Environmental Sociology Various
STEM 4104 Astronomy for Educators Astronomy for Educators


Note:  This table was created based on past and present U of A OER Funding Initiatives participation and other reported OER users.