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Policies, procedures, and resources for research and instruction librarians

Ordering Calendar

Acquisitions ordering calendar
  • Fiscal New Year Start-Up
  • Library accountant notifies library about endowment income.
  • Selectors advised to begin ordering, assuming there are no budgetary constraints
  • Estimate price increases
  • 2nd week of the month, fall meeting with faculty liaisons.
  • Oct. 1, Monographic funds should be 30% submitted.
  • Oct. 30, Monographic funds should be 30% encumbered
  • Dec. 1, Monographic funds should be 50% submitted.
  • Dec. 30, Monographic funds should be 50% encumbered
  • Jan. 31, All non-U.S. source orders (printed format) should be submitted by January 31st to allow for shipping time and payment to be completed before the end of the fiscal year.
  • March 1, Monographic funds should be 90% submitted.
  • March 30, Monographic funds should be 90% encumbered.
  • March 1, Subject group orders due.
  • Budget Proposals due to the University.
  • April 1, 100% of orders must be submitted.
  • April 15, final ebook ordering deadline. (Must allow time for record and invoice delivery plus payment).
  • 2nd week of the month, spring meeting with faculty liaisons
  • Uncommitted general funds pooled for special purchases.
  • June 30, fiscal year end close.


  • Budget allocations from the University are distributed one-time during the year and have not been on a set schedule. The timing of Library allocations is heavily dependent on the timing of University allocations.
  • Funds for reserves, faculty publications, replacements, and some awards titles are available year round.
  • It is an increasing trend that books go out of print very quickly.
  • Early ordering is encouraged where possible. It is difficult for acquisitions staff to handle large numbers of orders received on or near the deadline.

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