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Special Collections Instruction

This guide provides information on the instructional services provided by the University of Arkansas Special Collections.

Popular Subject Areas for Instruction

Examples of Past Instruction Offered:

ARCH 1015 Fundamental Design Skills

IDES 1045   Fundamental Design Methodology

LARC 2123 Special Topics

Examples of Instruction Types Offered:

Overview of the Arkansas Architectural Archive

An introduction to the archives describing procedures and including examples of  representative primary source documents of interest. Students have the opportunity to learn how to access the repository's holdings and examine different architectural drawings and other original archival materials firsthand.

Course/Project Focused

There depth and variety of resources in the archive can support design and professional courses across the curriculum. The archivist will work with faculty members before the semester starts to identify the specific materials to support their specific pedagogical needs from the concrete to the abstract, rudimentary to advanced. Projects can be identified by type for precedent analyses. Materials representing every stage of the design process from concept to construction, by multiple practitioners, can be compared and contrasted. At a more granular level, specific building, interior, and site detail types can be used to help students better understand approaches to building and materiality.

Depending on course needs and other circumstances, in addition to virtual and in person class visits materials may be made available for students to research individual in the Special Collections Reading Room or scanned for remote use.

Faculty Guided Independent Study

With faculty guidance, individual students can use materials in the archive as a source for special projects both research and design focused in nature. The archivist is available to assist in the selection of materials of the appropriate media and content  for the specific course outcomes.

Relevant Collections:

Examples of Past Instruction Offered:

Special Collections frequently works with classes in the fine arts to provide hands-on instruction related to the history of printing, the use of archival materials in art, and to introduce students to our artists book collection.

ARTS 3403. Printmaking: Introduction

ARTS 449V. Special Problems in Prints

GDES 4323. Technology in Context

ARHS 4823. History of Graphic Design


Relevant Collections

Examples of Past Instruction Offered:

Special Collections frequently work with history teaching assistants and faculty on a wide variety of courses providing introductions to historical methods, use of primary sources, tailored research activities built around specific collections, and collaborative projects where students take the lead in curatorial analyses. There are 80 different libguides designed for specific history classes, which are modified to reflect primary sources, including those available in Special Collections, each semester.

HIST 3243: African American History Since 1877,

HIST 3273: Agricultural History,

HIST 4583: Arkansas in the Nation,

HIST 4573: History of the New South,

HIST 4893: American Counterculture,

HIST 5023: Historical Methods,

Relevant Collections

Examples of Past Instruction Offered:

As teaching with primary sources becomes increasingly a part of common core standards, it is important that education students (especially pre-service teachers) learn how to search for, analyze, and integrate primary sources into their research and writing.Instructional partnerships between education faculty and archivists also offer opportunities to discuss the kind of systemic issues that primary sources focused on education can serve to exemplify. Special Collections offers hands-on instruction sessions tailored to class needs and assignments.

EDST 3223 American Educational History

CIED 3133 Integrated Social Studies for the K-6 Classroom


Relevant Collections