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Improving Representation and Diversity in OER Materials

Open Education & OER: Addressing DEI

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One of the best things about my job is that I get to share the work Arkansas faculty is doing with the global Open community. The video below from the OE Global conference, Fall 2020, features presenters (librarians, faculty, and designers) discussing the current and future state of diversity and inclusion in OER. A variety of perspectives are featured. I was honored to share our work and the potential we have here at the University to impact open education worldwide.


Additional Resources

We are also sharing a few additional resources. These are not required viewing but are highly recommended. 

Using OER to build more inclusive materials

(Courtesy of the UNC System: Open Fridays OER Webinar Series)


Open licenses attached to OER allow for the creation of customized materials, unlike commercial textbooks. As a result, OER provides opportunities for faculty to incorporate more inclusive materials. In this session, the presenters will share ways to adapt or build materials that include multiple voices and viewpoints, especially from underrepresented groups.


  • Jasmine Roberts, Lecturer, Ohio State

  • Stephen Krueger, Scholarly Publishing Librarian, Dartmouth College