ENGL 4523 / LALS 4003 Migration and Belonging in Latinos/as American Film

A course guide to assist with research for ENGL 4523 / LALS 4003 Migration and Belonging in Latinos/as American Film.

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Searching the Journal Literature

When searching journal literature it is important to determine:

  1. The release and production dates of the film
  2. What type of information you may be looking for 

Searching by date

Journal articles will discuss a film anytime after a film begins production.A flurry of activity often accompanies the initial release of a film.Likewise databases provide indexing for specific periods of time.You can save some steps by looking at the dates when the film was released.

Searching by type of information

Specific databases focus on specific aspects of filmography - film scripts and writing, photography and set dressing, review articles... Look for a database that reflects the kind of research you are doing.

Film Reviews are generally short in length and intended for a general audience. The intent of a film review is to help determine whether or not a movie should be seen. Most databases will allow you to key in the word review or reviews to locate review literature.Check the drop down menus - some databases will allow you to search an index specifically created for reviews!

Film criticism is a scholarly treatment of a film and may present discuss historical context, theory, or technical analysis.These sometimes appear years after a film is released, unlike reviews.

Recommended Film Databases

...And Don't Forget

When looking for other aspects of film, such as the use of film to portray a social condition or the impact of film viewership on kids, don't forget that databases exist for Sociology, Psychology, History, and other disciplines.

Check out our Subject page for more options.