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Issues to Offer Cart Guidelines

Issues to Offer Cart Guidelines:

To keep the Issues to Offer Cart from overfilling, we use these guidelines in weeding out the cart to aid in the Issues to Offer processing.

  1. Review the materials to make sure all waxy labels, paper clips, post-it notes, etc are removed.
  2. Only major national periodicals and relevant journals will be considered to send to the EBSCO Missing Copy Bank.

These items listed can be immediately recycled by Serials:

  1. Damaged/Defective issues.

  2. Anything printed on newsprint (Mergent Dividend, Village Voice, Free Weekly etc..)

  3. Arkansas-related titles (these are no longer wanted by ARKCO and EBSCO does not want them)

  4. Anything listed on the HSD spreadsheet (To keep in mind: If we don’t want it neither does anyone else)

  5. Titles that have been printed and stapled. (These have been printed from a PDF/document.  If someone wants it they will just print the PDF/document)

  6. Newsletters

  7. Unpaid publications

  8. Items that are over "current 2 years only"

  9. Definite unbound duplicates that are print format continuations

**Serials media definite duplicates (mfilm, mfiche, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD, etc): These will not go on the Issues to Offer Cart. However, they need to be reviewed on what to do with them. If it is a paid title, inquiry with the Serials Acquisitions Manager. If it is an unpaid title, inquiry with the Serials Processing Specialist.