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Serials Processing Specialist Job Duties Overview

Summary of Job duties of a Serials Processing Specialist:

Process added, changed, and dropped titles. Participate in record maintenance for regular, irregular, and complex titles including the creation, modification, and deletion of all serial record types. Assist with basic cataloging functions including frequency changes and transfers. Coordinate and process serials-related donations for the library. Supervise student workers for the serials unit. Back-up positions in the department as needed including check-in and claims; perform miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Job Duties


Duty: Process new print set-ups, title changes, format changes, and dropped/cancelled titles. Create and maintain bibliographic, order, check-in/holdings, item, contact, and other record types as needed for all formats as required. Confer with subject selector, Serials Coordinator, Serials Acquisitions Manager, or Serials Librarian as needed for new setups, title changes, format changes, and dropped/cancelled titles. Coordinate the recording of daily and monthly statistics.

Assist with basic cataloging functions including processing frequency changes and transfers for print titles by modifying the appropriate bibliographic, check-in, item, or OCLC holding records. Assist the Serials Cataloging Supervisor with obtaining and editing of bibliographic records from OCLC Connexion. Assist with other basic cataloging functions as assigned.

Review and troubleshoot unknown titles; evaluate for discard or addition to the library. Manage serials holding shelves: one time add, no record, unbound duplicates, continuations duplicates, and other miscellaneous holding areas.

Process gifts donated to the library. Provide gift acknowledgement information to the Dean’s office. Search, verify, and add issues as needed. Confer with subject selector, Serials Coordinator, or Serials Librarian as needed for donations.

Coordinate with Serials Cataloging, Binding, other relevant units, and subject specialists as required.



Duty: Supervise and support the student worker positions associated with the serials unit. Train or organize training for the student workers as appropriate. Monitor the trainees and determine that the tasks are performed within the specified time. Answer questions from student workers pertaining to serials processing duties as assigned. Backup student workers during absences or as needed to meet deadlines. Evaluate and provide feedback to student workers based on job performance. During a training or backup period, the percentage of time spent on this duty area may increase to 40-80%.



Duty: Assist library staff and the public with serials-related information. As needed act as a liaison for serials to: Binding, ILL, Special Collections, Academic and Research Services subject selectors, Shipping and Receiving, and Periodicals. Back-up related essential functions in the serials department as needed, including serving as the secondary person for check-in, continuations, claims, and statistics. Assist colleagues with their daily duties as needed based on the volume of work needing to be completed. As needed, offer training, guidance, and support to colleagues within the serials unit. Work individually and with colleagues on various special projects. Serve and participate as an active member of the technical services department. Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned. During a backup period or during certain special projects, the percentage of time spent on this duty area may increase to 30-80%.