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Multimedia Email Notification - Discarded Newspapers

Multimedia Email Notifications for Discarded Newspapers: 

When Multimedia Services is done discarding the newspapers, the Multimedia Services Supervisor will notify the Serials Receiving Specialist with a multimedia notification via email.

Email Rules for the Multimedia Services Staff: 

It is very important that the Multimedia Services staff follow these 2 rules in order the email to go directly to the correct folder in the Serials email account. 

1. Make sure to send the notification to <>

2. Make sure the subject of the email is "Multimedia notification".

After following these 2 important rules, you can proceed to add the spreadsheet attachment and the following to the body of the email:

  • Attach the discarded newspapers spreadsheet.
  • In the body of the email: Inform the recipient the purpose of this email. 
    • For example: " I’ve attached a list of discarded newspapers. "

Question: Who in Serials is responsible for checking the Multimedia notifications in the Serials email account?

Answer: The Serials Receiving Specialist

After receiving the Multimedia Email Notification for Discarded Newspapers:

  • Review the attached spreadsheet. 
    • The spreadsheet has a column for the list of newspaper titles then the next column has a range of dates of what was discarded of each title. If nothing was discarded of that title, then it will say "none". 
  • Before deleting the check in record, check for the following:
    • Make sure you are in the correct record before deleting boxes or deleting the entire check in record.
    • Ask yourself: Does it make sense to delete the boxes or the entire check in record now? It is always best to check and review the situation before deleting a check in record. Do not delete readily until you are certain that it is okay to delete the check in record. 
    • If the title was dropped, are the library holdings closed? If the holdings are closed, proceed to delete the check in record. Delete the boxes first. If there are item records attached to the boxes, never ever select "OK". Always select "CANCEL". Then proceed to go to the check in record and delete the check in record (File--->Delete Checkin Record--->OK).
    • Is there a current check in record? If there is a current check in record, then proceed to delete the boxes or the entire check in record. 
  • If you only deleted boxes and the check in record has an identity field: Make sure the identity field is up to date.
    • For example: You notice on the spreadsheet that all the Wall Street Journal Feb. 2019 papers (2/1/2019 - 2/28/2019) were discarded. Before you delete the Feb. 2019 boxes, the identity field in the check in record says "2019 Feb-Mar". You would proceed to delete all the Feb. 2019 boxes and update the identity field to "2019 Mar" since only the March papers remain.