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Processing--Change in Cover Date

Serials Processing Specialist: Working on Change in Cover Date:

NOTE: If it is a frequency change rather than a change in cover date then view our section on processing frequency changes.

The Serials Processing Specialist will carry out the following for change in cover date:

  • Begin by correcting the check-in box for the issue received with the correct information to match the journal’s cover date. Once corrected, you can check-in the journal normally. 
  • You will need to Edit Card (shortcut keys [CTRL]-[E]) and update the Chronology Captions level(s). For example, if the journal is going from using months to seasons in the cover date then you would change the Chronology caption for level 2 from month to season by typing the correct word (season) into the level 2 field. This will help when you need to update the cover dates in the expected boxes with seasons rather than months.
    • Also, is the journal going to use "Fall" or "Autumn" as a cover date? If it's going to use "Autumn" then you must check mark "Use Autumn instead of Fall" option located in the Frequency section. It it is going to use "Fall" as the cover date then you do not need to check mark the "Autumn" option.


  • Go back to the check-in card and update the cover dates for all the Expected boxes. To do this, highlight from the most recently arrived journal (likely the one you just checked-in which has the correct cover date) to the end of the card. Right click, select Box Menu, then Update Boxes as a Group, from here check off the Cover date box, and hit OK. The cover dates should be updated and correct. Do a quick check to make sure. 

  • Cover Date Change Updating Boxes as a Group

  • Create a blank suppressed box before the issue with the cover date change. In the public note write, “COVER DATE CHG.” And in the staff note, detailing the change: “Switched from months to seasons," etc (date and initials). ​

           ​Image of a Cover Date Change Box in the check in card in Sierra.

           Image of modifying the cover date change box individually in Sierra.

  • Finally, in the check-in record notes, add a 5 dash note that will be placed under the parameters note: "-----COVER DATE CHG: detail the change and which issue the change occurred (date and initials)".  This 5 dash note will be kept for historical reference purposes.