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Pending Drops


In some cases, the university is cancelling a paid subscription, has chosen to cancel the print subscription in favor of starting or keeping the other format (mostly online) subscription, or the print format of the publication has ceased and will be available online only which triggers the pending drop and dropped titles process and workflows. If a journal is going to be dropped, check in record notes will alert you of the drop and trigger the drop workflow.   

Pending Drop NotesFor the last issue that we are scheduled to receive for a dropped title, you will check in the issue in normally, then report receipt of the issue via the "pSerials: drop notifications" Trello board. In the board, create a card under "drop notifications for cancellations." As the card title, put the bib number and journal title, then click the green "add card" button. Copy and paste the "PENDING DROP..." note from the check-in record summary into the card as a comment and click "save." 

If you receive an issue to a title that has already been dropped, follow the procedure for dropped titles.