StaffGuide: CONTENTdm Cookbook

Recipes for Metadata Entry for the University of Arkansas Libraries

UA (Local) CONTENTdm Field Properties and Requirements

CONTENTdm Field (Element) Name Required

Mandatory, if applicable

Recommended Optional Repeatable Searchable Hidden
Contributor(s)   X     X X  
Creator(s)   X     X X  
Date       X      
Date (YYYY-MM-DD)   X       X Maybe[1]
Description X         X  

Digital Exhibit

X         X  
Digital Format X            
Digital Publisher X            
Extent       X X    
Funded By       X      
Identifier X         X  
Item Location X         X  
Keywords[2]       X   X  
Language       X   X  
Language Code   X       X  
Linked Resource   X     X    
Location       X X X  
Medium       X      
Notes       X   X  
Original Collection   X       X  
Permissions   X         X
Preservation Notes   X       Maybe[3] X
Relation       X   Maybe[4]  
Rights and Reproductions X            
Source   X          
Staff Notes       X X Maybe[3] X
Standard Number       X X X  
Subjects[2]     X     X  

Suggested Citation


Time Period

      X   X  
Title X         X  
Alternate Title       X X X  
Transcript   X       X  
Type X         X  
Type (AAT)       X X X  

[1] Hide if using the textual Date element.

[2] Subjects recommended; Keywords required if Subjects not used.

[3] Because Preservation Notes and Staff Notes will always be hidden, consider carefully whether they should be made searchable.

[4] If used, decide on a project-by-project basis whether this element should be made searchable.