Human Development and Family Sciences

Articles from the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.

We subscribe to the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences. You can find the journal by going to the catalog, and searching by journal title, or from the Libraries website, which is the way I'm going to show you. By clicking on the Journals and Newspapers tab in the middle of the screen and typing the title of the journal into the search box provided, you will get a screen back with a couple of journal titles listed. The one we want is the first one on the list. The second one is a different journal with a similar title.

showing the journals tab on the home page

This journal is available both online from 1997 on, and on the shelves back to 1994.

showing the two journals with similar titles in the catalog listing

record for journal of family and consumer sciences

Click on the ProQuest Central link, and you'll get a screen that looks like the one below, and you can enter your search into the box and be finding articles in just that specific journal.

Let us know if you have any questions.