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I'm new to working with fair use and copyright. Is there a basic overview that I can peruse?

Our Copyright Research Guide is a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I remotely care about copyright?

Plenty of reasons - protection against infringement charges, fostering a culture of assigning worth for value created, and setting a good example for your students, among others. Check out this presentation (.ppt format) to Clemson faculty by Clemson University's General Counsel's Office for a good overview of the interaction of faculty and copyright.

2. Okay, great. Wouldn't it be nice, though, if there were a simple checklist for fair use as well?

There actually is one! The University of Arkansas Research Guides Fair Use Checklist is available here from our Research Guides Copyright section.

3. I was hoping for something a little more interactive and mildly entertaining. Have anything for that?

The Copyright Genie, offered by the American Library Association's Office of IT Policy, just might meet your needs.

4. What if I want to use copyrighted materials in my online courses?

Use of copyrighted materials for online courses is subject to restrictions. Fortunately, the University of Arkansas Research Guides provides a convenient flowchart walkthrough of how and when to use these materials, available here.

5. Are there any Board of Trustees policies related to copyright?

Yes, there are! That is an impressively specific question! Board Policies 210.1 and 210.2 deal with patent and copyright policy as well as distance learning, respectively.

6. What if I want to use University Libraries reserve items for my class or other honorable purpose? Any restrictions there?

Check the University Libraries' policy on reserve items for more details on how to request and use our reserve system.


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