SOCI: 4013: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

This guide is designed to assist students to complete the research assignments for Dr. Hearne's class.


 Set the foundation - build your skills, just as you would  in learning anything new.  The more you do it the better you become.

 Ask for help!  Get to know your subject librarian.  We can help you with search strategies and source selection to maximize your time management.

Utilize the "Find It" feature on the Libraries website.

Sign up for Interlibrary Loan which is also known as Illiad.

Search Strategies

I like to use the same techniques as developing a topic sentence, for developing a search strategy.

Start with your topic sentence.  I am researching adolescent healthy eating initiatives.  

Next break it down.  What are other words that can be used?

adolescent  young adult  teen* picks up teen, teens, teenager, teenagers

healthy eating  nutrition

initiatives  programs projects  studies

Connect them using the following words

and : narrows your results.  All words must be in the results  adolescent and healthy eating

or : broadens your results.  Any of the words must be in your results. healthy eating or nutrition

not : excludes words.  adolescent not (males or boys)

() : allows you to combine it all together.  (adolescent or teen* or young adult) and (healthy eating or nutrition) and (initiative or program or study or projects)