Back to the Land in the Ozarks

This guide highlights resources on the rural in-migration, or "Back to the Land" movements in Arkansas and the Ozarks available in the University of Arkansas Libraries and Special Collections.

Ozarks Counter Culture Newspapers and Newsletters, 1970 - 1993

Several local and regional presses produced newspapers, journals, and broadsides as alternatives to publications considered mainstream or  commercially driven that related directly or indirectly to in-migration and rural resettlement. The presses were often affiliated with the counter culture and anti-Vietnam War movements and frequently featured University of Arkansas students as writers, editors, and printers.

Ozarks Newspapers

Published books related to the Ozarks Back to the Land Movement

Books and Journals from Outside of Arkansas Related to the National Back to the Land

Microfilm Sources in the University of Arkansas Libraries

Ozark Mountain Folk Fair of 1963