Open Access

Resources for Open Access Repositories

OpenDOAR  (Open Directory of Open Access Repositories)

  • OpenDOAR is a directory of academic Open Access repositories.

Disciplinary Repositories listed in OAD

ROAR  (Registry of Open Access Repositories)

  • ROAR is a Registry of Open Access Repositories.


  • SHARE helps you find preprints, publications, and sources.


  • Is a research data repository.
  • Zenodo makes the sharing, curation and publication of data and software a reality for all researchers.


  • Figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable, and discoverable way.
  • For more information check out figshare's support home page.

Dataverse Project

Open Science Framework

  • OSF is a data repository and cloud-based management for your projects. OSF integrates with other web applications like Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, and FigShare.
  • Developed by the Center for Open Science.