Open Access

Types of Open Access

According to Peter Suber’s explanation of the differences between green vs gold Open Access and gratis vs libre Open Access, the green and gold Open Access “is about venues” such as “repositories and journals.”  However, gratis and libre Open Access “is about user rights or freedoms.” 

Green, Gold, and Hybrid Open Access:

  • Green OA Content is fee-based but the publisher offers authors the ability to self-archive their work (pre-print or post-print) in Open Access repositories such as ScholarWorks.
  • Gold OA Content is completely Open Access or open to all after an embargo period. The open content is offered at the publisher’s website.
  • Hybrid OA – Hybrid models of Open Access focuses on who will pay the cost of publishing Open Access materials and place the cost burden on the author, the institution, the library, or a combination by means of subscription credits, debits, or direct author payments.

Gratis vs Libre:

Gratis – the removal of price barriers alone

Libre – the removal of price and at least some permission barriers

Gratis and Libre Open Access explained by Peter Suber