ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides


ScholarWorks@UARK encourages free and open global access to the contents of the repository. However, there are situations in which contributors may need to restrict access for a period of time. For example, a publisher may allow deposit of published articles into an institutional repository but require an embargo for a specified period before the article may be made publicly available.

ScholarWorks@UARK respects embargoes imposed by the copyright holder, whether that copyright holder be an author, a publisher, or an institutional sponsor. We provide the following embargo options:

No Embargo (full content immediately on the web, available to all users worldwide)

Time Release Embargo  (full content immediately on the web, available to all users worldwide after the specified period of 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, or 3 years after deposit in ScholarWorks@UARK)

Please note that if an item is placed under an embargo, the metadata (i.e., title, author, date, abstract) will nonetheless be visible and searchable on ScholarWorks@UARK beginning with the date of the deposit. This metadata will contain a statement to the effect that the full content is under embargo.

If any part of the work contains patent pending research, the file should not be submitted to ScholarWorks@UARK until the title and abstract can be publicly displayed. Please contact with questions.

Multiple Postings

When depositing work in ScholarWorks@UARK, the author signs a non-exclusive distribution license. This means that, unless the author has already granted copyright or other rights to another party, the author may publish, post, deposit, or otherwise use the work as he/she wishes.


ScholarWorks@UARK is not a preservation platform. Although we strive to provide a stable website, we cannot guarantee preservation and access in perpetuity. We urge contributors to keep digital and physical copies of contributed items. If you would like to learn about options for long term preservation, please contact the University Archivist.

If University Libraries cease to support ScholarWorks@UARK, the Libraries will make an effort to notify authors and will transfer to University Archives collections contributed by departments, research centers, and other organizations on campus.