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Graduate Theses, Dissertations, and Projects

Embargo Process for ScholarWorks@UARK:

 Graduate Theses, Dissertations, and Projects


The student submits the thesis/dissertation/project to ProQuest, following the instructions on the Graduate School's website. ScholarWorks@UARK then harvests the thesis/dissertation/project from ProQuest.  The document "Publishing Settings Explained" in the User's Guide explains how the embargo options offered by ProQuest are applied in ScholarWorks@UARK.

Research Relating to Potential Patents:  If the thesis/dissertation/project contains research relating to a potential patent, ProQuest does not make either the metadata or the thesis/dissertation/project available for harvesting.  Consequently, no record appears in ScholarWorks@UARK.  When a patent is issued, the U of A Technology Ventures notifies University Libraries and ScholarWorks@UARK makes the thesis/dissertation/project accessible.

Indefinite Embargo {ProQuest option – never available}: Although the thesis/dissertation/project is stored on one of the library servers, it never becomes accessible to web users and no metadata record appears in ScholarWorks@UARK.

Limited-Period Embargo {ProQuest option – delay release}: The student chooses an embargo period. Although the thesis/dissertation/project itself does not become accessible to web users, the metadata record, including the date when it will become accessible, appears in ScholarWorks@UARK immediately. 

Two weeks before the embargo's expiration, the student receives a notice from ScholarWorks@UARK, giving the student the opportunity to renew the embargo or to release the thesis/dissertation/project in this system. 

If the student chooses to renew, the thesis/dissertation/project remains inaccessible through ScholarWorks@UARK and the accessibility date on the metadata record is changed. The student needs to contact ProQuest separately to request a renewal in that system.

If the student chooses to release the thesis/dissertation/project, it becomes fully accessible and the accessibility line is removed from the metadata record.

No Embargo {ProQuest options – open access publishing plus; traditional publishing; do not delay release}:  Both the metadata and the thesis become available in ScholarWorks@UARK immediately.

Updated March 2018