ScholarWorks@UARK User Guides

Undergraduate Theses and Projects

Embargo Process for ScholarWorks@UARK:

Undergraduate Theses and Projects


The student submits the thesis/project directly to ScholarWorks@UARK; the submission guidelines are available in the User's Guide.

Research Relating to Potential Patents:  If the thesis/project contains research relating to a potential patent, it should not be submitted to ScholarWorks@UARK until the title and abstract may be publicly displayed.

Indefinite Embargo: ScholarWorks@UARK does not accept a thesis/project under an indefinite embargo.

Limited-Period Embargo: The student chooses an embargo period (one year, 18 months, two years, three years). Although the thesis/project itself is not accessible, the metadata record, including the date when it will become accessible, appears in ScholarWorks@UARK immediately. 

Two weeks before the embargo's expiration, the student receives a notice, giving him/her the opportunity to renew the embargo or to release the thesis/project. 

If he/she chooses to renew, the thesis/project remains inaccessible and the accessibility date on the metadata record is changed.

If he/she chooses to release the thesis/project or if he/she does not respond to the notice of expiration, the thesis/project becomes fully accessible and the accessibility date is removed from the metadata record.

No Embargo:  Both the metadata and the thesis become accessible in ScholarWorks@UARK immediately.


Updated March 2018