Research Support Services for the Field of Agriculture (a study via semi-structured interviews)

Results of a series of semi-structured interviews, done as part of a national survey.

Tips and Tricks for Interview Studies

  • Recording apps are better and better, but we still had better results with a small tape recorder. Some newer apps pause with there is silence on the microphone, which is a nice feature that saves time during transcription.
  • There are companies that can be hired to do transcription, and software that will transcribe, as well as workarounds (a colleague of mine used Dragon and a Google app, letting Dragon read to the listening app. Locally, we did the transcriptions in house, first by a graduate student with a second run and corrections by a librarian. It took a lot of time, but was an extra layer of immersion in the content.


  • If we had it to do again, we'd like more input on the questions. They were a standard set, and not as apt as we'd have liked. The magic wand question, however, should be kept. I think it was everyone's favorite.
  • April/May is a terrible time to try to make appointments with Agriculture faculty.