SCWK 4153-001: Social Welfare Policy

This guide has been created to assist students in researching topics for their social policy analysis paper.

Some Useful Starting Places

Take Aways

Here are some helpful hints to assist you in getting the most out of research.

1.  Buy a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 

2.  Set the foundation - build your skills, just as you would  in learning anything new.  The more you do it the better you become.

3.  Ask for help!  Get to know your subject librarian.  We can help you with search strategies and source selection to maximize your time management.

4.  Sign up for Interlibrary Loan which is also known as ILLiad.

Research and Literature Reviews: not as daunting as they seem

A literature review is the first step when writing a research paper. It will allow you to locate books, journal articles and government publications, legislative histories and other publications published by state and federal government, in order to support or refute the research you are doing. They can give you an overview or act as background to more recent information. A literature review allows you to  learn about the history of a field and current developments. It allows you to find the most pertinent or relevant books and journal articles related to a subject.