How to find current and historical newspapers at the Libraries and beyond.

Your Birthday in History

Need to find out what happened on your birthday in a certain year in the past? 

Many historical newspaper sites will allow you to browse right to a specific day.

However, in some interfaces, you may need to enter a search term and then limit your search by date.  Try a really generic search word, such as 'arkansas" or "stocks" or "president" or "congress" or "world." Then set the date limits to the day you wish to retrieve.

Need to get the front page stories of a newspaper on the day you were born?

If you were born after 1980, you may be able to do this easily in current newspaper databases without having to come in to use microfilm copies of papers.  Instructions are given below for finding your birthday in various papers.

You might also wish to browse the Day-by-Day series in Reference, which covers leading news stories each day from the 1940s through the 1990s:

Decade Call Number
1940s D427 .L4 1977
1950s D842.5 .M47 1979
1960s D840 .P27 1983
1970s D848 .L4 1988
1980s D848 .M45 1995
1990s D856 .A93 2004






Your Birthday in the Times of London

To look for stories in the Times Digital Archive, (1787 - 2008)

  1. Choose Browse by Date and then navigate to the day you wish to read. 

Your Birthday in the New York Times

  1. Navigate to the New York Times Historical Edition.
  2. On the Advanced search page, type in "1" and change the drop-down menu to "Page."
  3. Under Date Range, choose On this Date and input your birthday as mm/dd/yyyy.
  4. Your search should retrieve all the stories on page one for that date.  Use the Page Map link to view the entire front page for that day.