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Necia Parker Gibson
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Finding books on "how to"

If you do a subject search in the catalog with research methodology as a phrase you find a lot of titles that talk about this process.

A call number with a book means that it is on the shelves. If you click on the title, you'll see the record and be able to tell if the book is available. Some books have both print and online copies. Some are only online.

Authored or Edited?

  • Simply put, an authored work such as a book is mostly or entirely researched and written BY the named author or authors.
  • An edited work is more often a collection of chapters or essays by several authors, collected and edited by the volume editor, who will usually be found in a catalog or database as though he or she were an author-- that is, with an author search, last name first. The other authors may or may not be listed, depending on their level of contribution.
  • Editors of a volume may or may not also contribute content TO the volume.

Specific types of materials