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I'm working from home from 3/16/2020 --mid-June 2021. Email or use the text number below. If you want me, particularly, ask for me.

Text a librarian(not me specifically): 479-385-0803

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Searching Simplfied

Now that you know where to look, it is important that you know how to look for articles, books, and other information. 

 Subject Terms

Thesaurus or Subject Terms can help refine your search results.  

For example, if you'd like to search for the term apparel in Ebsco Academic Search Premier, the recommended Subject Term or phrase is "clothing & dress” or if you'd like to search for “apparel manufacturing,” the recommended search term is “clothing trade”.

 Search Techniques AND / OR / AND NOT

 And or and not

AND between your search terms brings back results that only include all the search terms; it narrows your search to cases where the search terms overlap.

Example:   Walmart AND clothing trade


OR between your search terms brings back results with either of the terms; it broadens your search to include cases where the search terms may occur independent of each other.

Example:  textile OR fabric


 AND NOT between search terms brings back results that exclude the term or keyword(s) you specify

Example:  knitting AND NOT  crocheting

 Truncation & Wildcards

Truncation and wildcard symbols with your terms return search results on variations of the keyword so you don't have to run multiple searches to be sure you got everything.

Example: manufactur* will return keyword results for manufacture, manufactures, manufactured, manufacturing, etc. 



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