SciFinder for Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, and Engineering

A guide to how SciFinder or SciFinder Scholar can be used in Agriculture, especially Soil Science, Environmental Sciences, various fields of Engineering and related fields.

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ChemPort, Full text, or Find It in SciFinder

SciFinder uses its own system to help get you to full text or help find articles in journals in other places in our collection.

When you click Full Text in a citation, it opens a system called Chemport, which may offer the content in html or pdf format. If it's available, you're fine. However, sometimes the links are to content that you would have to pay to use. Please don't pay for an article without checking to see if we have it in our collections.

To check, or if you need a different format to let you see images or tables, click the Find It link and allow the software to open the page to the catalog. Then you can see if there is a link to full text, or click on Journal title to see if we have the journal from another vendor, in another database or on the shelves.

From off-campus, you will have to log in with your user name and UARK password to get to content and to some of the databases.

The example below shows an article in a journal that we don't have. Use ILL to get it if you need it.

screen capture of Chemport record

Data Supplements?

A trend in scholarly publishing is to include links to the data sets used for the analysis. This is a wonderful contribution to the transparency of the work.

screen capture of article citation with data supplement

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