Architectural Design

Provides guidance on use of the library to locate material for current and past courses in architectural design. Pull the down arrow for pages for specific courses in the sequence.

Quick Links

Illustrations in Avery Index

Avery Index will allow you to search for articles with specific types of illustrations. Select "FG Illustrations" from the pulldown menu and type any of the following: aerial photographs, axonometric, charts, color, computer drawings, details, diagrams, drawings, elevations, figures, graphs, illustrations, isometric, maps, models, photographs, plans, portraits, sections, sketches, site plans.

You can combine one or more of these terms with standard terms (e.g., cathedrals).

Finding Images

Images are core resources in the design disciplines, including the history of the design disciplines. The links on this page can direct you to resources to which the Libraries subscribe and to other free resources that are valuable. The Libraries' collection of books and journals also offer numerous images for the researcher, although not all are indexed and listed. Contact me for additional assistance.


The Libraries participate in Artstor, which provides you with a significant database of approximately 2.5 million images.

Virtual Panoramas

Photographic panoramas allow you to view an image by panning around a central point. Most are architectural. They cannot be downloaded or exported. Although the files make up a small collection, they are great resources. The following phrase will retrieve these files: virtual reality panoramas.