Data Visualization

This guide collects resources and tutorials related to data visualization.

Index to Visualizations

If you know the name of the type of visualization you would like to view, click on the link:

Age-gender pyramid
Alluvial diagram
Arc diagram
Area chart
Bar charts
Box and whisker plots
Brainstorm map
Bubble chart
Bubble map
Bullet graph
Candlestick chart
Cascade chart
Choropleth map
Chord diagram
Circle packing
Circular hierarchy chart
Cluster analysis
Column charts
Connection map
Contour map
Coxcomb chart
Density plot
Dependency graph
Donut chart
Dot map
Dot matrix chart
Error bar
Exploding view drawing
Floating bar graph
Flow map
Flying bricks chart
Funnel chart
Gantt chart
Grid chart
Heat map
Hierarchical edge bundle
High-low graph
Hive plot
Hyperbolic tree
Icicle chart
Illustration diagram
Isoline map
Isopleth map
Kagi chart
Lattice chart
Line chart
Matrix diagram
Merimekko chart
Mind map
Network diagram
Nightingale rose chart
Node link diagram
Non-ribbon chord diagram
Open-high-low-close chart
Panel chart
Parallel coordinates plot
Parallel set chart
Partition Layer chart
Pictogram chart
Pictorial fraction chart
Pie chart
Point and figure chart
Polar area chart
Population pyramids
Progress bar
Proportional symbol map
Radar chart
Radial bar chart
Radial column chart
Radial hierarchy
Radial treemap
Ring chart
Sankey diagram
Scatter chart
Seaborn chart
Small multiple chart
Span chart
Spider chart
Spiral plot
Stacked graph chart
Staircase diagram
Stem and Leaf table
Step diagram
Stream Graph
Subway map
Sunburst diagram
SWOT analysis
Table charts
Tally chart
Time Series
Transit map
Tree Diagram
Trellis chart
Tube map
Venn diagram
Violin plot
Waterfall chart
Wedge stack
Word cloud