Creating Story Maps and Geographic Resumes

Story maps combine maps, timelines and multimedia such as images, videos and text in a "four dimensional" presentation. While story maps can be useful in many disciplines, they're really catching on among journalists.

Create your Web Map

  • Create a basic ArcGIS Online account and log in.
  • Then, near the bottom, click on Make a Map.
  • In the map viewer that opens, select the add menu, then add layer from file, and add your locations.csv file. 

Screen shot of the ArcGIS Online viewer and where the Add Layer from File option can be found

  • Navigate to the default map extent you want users to see when your tour opens. For example, you may want to navigate to a scale where all your map pins are included in the display.

Share your Web Map

  • Use the save icon (diskette) to save your map.
  • Click share to make your map public, then click make a web application. (You can also get embed code to embed your map in a web page here.)

Screen shot of sharing options

There are many templates to choose from.  The Map Tour template is on page two.  Click publish to open a sub-menu, then click publish again.


Make sure to give your map a title, relevant tags, and a description. 

Screen shot of the Make a Web Application window that prompts for descriptive information

Your web map has now been turned into a web application!  To view it, click open, then view application.

Screen shot of a completed sample map tour entitled Shanghai Tourist Attractions-a Practice Story Map