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Authors' Names and Cited References

If you want works BY an author, put the author's name into the box in the Advanced search and change the dropdown menu to author or use the author tags:

au:  to search for works by a specific author

aa:  To search by author of a review or full-length article (but not the author of the work being reviewed): aa: (stands for article author). To find reviews or articles by Smith, type: aa: smith

To search by author of a work being reviewed: ra: (reviewed author). To find reviews of original works by Smith, type: ra: smith

Authors' names can vary in the way that they are recorded and cited. Search for a particular author by putting the author's first name or initials and last name in quotation marks: "Shirley Abbott" or with the name reversed, with the last name or surname first, such as "Abbott, Shirley." You may find even more results with the name without the quotation marks, but not all of them will be the right person. Spacing counts. D.H.Lawrence, without a space between the period after the H and Lawrence, gets about six hundred results, but D.H. Lawrence, with the space, gets about eight thousand.

This will find works by an author with that name and works talking about or citing an author with that name. Be careful. Last names and initials in common can still cause confusion. Even a less common name will usually draw up more than one author's works.

Cited References

JSTOR will show you what works by a particular author have been cited how many times in JSTOR, as shown in the image below, and as a separate link, in some publications that are visible to Google Scholar. These show in the boxes on the righthand side of the screen in the page view. You must be in the citation view to see these elements. But be cautious--not everything is visible to or searchable by Google, it sometimes treats other elements as names (Jasco, 2008) and it does not do well in distinguishing authors of the same name if the name is common, for example.

Some other databases, including Web of Science, APA PsycINFO, Ebsco Business Source Premier, Communication and Mass Media Complete, Sociological Abstracts, SciFinder and others will allow cited author searches for the journals and conference proceedings that they cover. Depending on what you are seeking, you may be better off looking for cited references in something other than JSTOR.

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