Getting Better Results with JSTOR

Tips for searching this database

More Search Tips Unique to JSTOR

ty stands for the word TYPE. The modifiers below allow very specific variations on certain searches.

ty:brv  (type: book review.): To find reviews that mention the book Don Quixote anywhere in the text of the review, type: ty:brv "don quixote"

ty:fla  To search for only full-length articles and NOT reviews: ty:fla (type: full-length article). So, to find only full-length articles that mention Don Quixote and no reviews, type: ty:fla "Don Quixote"

ty:rt  To search for the title of a work being reviewed: rt: (stands for reviewed title). So, to find reviews of any work called Don Quixote, type: rt: "Don Quixote"

Many reviews of works don't have a unique title. These items will have "Review: [untitled]" as their citation title. Searching for untitled won't work. Use ty:brv instead.

ti:  To search for a term in the title of either a review or full-length article: ti:(stands for title). So, to search for the term Don Quixote in the title of a review, an article, or a work being reviewed, type: ti: "don quixote". However, ti:flower pot will get flower in the title but pot anywhere in the text. Ti: (flower pot) will get both words in the title, not necessarily in order.

ta:  To search for only titles of full-length articles and not reviews: ta: (stands for title of article). So, to find Don Quixote in the title of articles that are not reviews, type: ta: "don quixote"

aa:  To search by author of a review or full-length article (but not the author of the work being reviewed): aa: (stands for article author). To find reviews or articles by Smith, type: aa:smith

To search by author of a work being reviewed: ra: (reviewed author). To find reviews of original works by Smith, type: ra:smith

You may use more than one of these field tags in a search:

What if I wanted to find a review of Cervantes's book Don Quixote (but not anyone else's book called Don Quixote? Type in rt:"don quixote" AND ra:Cervantes

Related Items

When viewing an item in JSTOR, look for boxes on the right-hand side of the screen that can lead you to related items.

The box on the side of the JSTOR page can contain:
   -References (opens Summary page to References section)
   -Items citing this item (opens Summary page to Items citing this Item section)
   -Items by author name (runs a search on that author name)

A "Google Scholar" box contains:
   -Related items (runs a search in Google Scholar for related items based on DOI)
   -Items citing this Item (runs a search in Google Scholar for articles citing this item)
   -Items by author name (runs a search in Google Scholar on that author name)

JSTOR Plant Science (beta) box contains, if applicable:
   -Links to related items in JSTOR Plant Science database (based on plant names)
   -Mouse over link to see more information from JSTOR Plant Science