Food Justice and Food Security

This guide is based in part on the Food Justice Summit, 2013 including Dr. Y. Murphy-Erby, Dr. G. Feenstra, Dr. S. Schneider, Dr. K. Fitzpatrick and Ben Simon, creator of the Food Recovery Network. It is a work in progress.

A Few Databases for Food Justice and Food Security

See a list of recommended databases below.

Check our databases list for subjects such as agriculture or political science. If you aren't finding what you expect to find, check the subject list or thesaurus-- terminology may change from database to database and makes a difference! Is it food justice, food security, food insecurity, or something else?

Use the "FindIt" button to see if we have the journals either on the shelves or online. If we haven't got it, there's a good chance that Interlibrary Loan can get it for you. Let me know if you need help with any of this.

Some Relevant Journals, in alpha order

Some Books from the Catalog