Conference Publications

Researchers report new procedures, processes, products, and systems at conferences.  Major society conferences, like IEEE and ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), are available through their respective digital libraries, but others can be difficult to find. 


  • In general, treat the name of the conference like a book title or an author and try a search,
  • Search it as keywords in our catalog to see if we own the proceedings.
  • If not, use WorldCat to determine the information about the proceedings; then the Libraries can get you a copy of the specific parts (as if they were journal articles) or borrow the full conference proceedings (as if it was a book).  You choose what works best for you.

If you have attended a conference and no longer need the published proceedings, feel free to donate it to the Libraries so that others can use it. It's not easy for us to get proceedings from many conferences.

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