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StaffGuide: Serials Access & Claiming Overview

Serials Access & Claiming Overview:


The main goal of claims is to communicate with vendors and publishers to ensure that all materials are received in a timely manner and in good condition. The Serials Receiving Specialist oversees claims with the two main vendors, EBSCO & Harrassowitz. The Serials Access Specialist oversees claims for other paid titles and gifts. In addition, the Serials Access Specialist oversees Serials exchanges--or agreements that we enter into with other institutions in which we provide material (often journals) in exchange for equal material (journals).

Claiming Responsibilities: 


  • Creating lists weekly to determine which issues need to be claimed
  • Contacting the appropriate vendor/publisher to acquire materials on the lists
  • Ensuring that damaged and skipped issues are replaced by vendors/publishers
  • Coordinating the acquisition of gift titles with the maintenance position by contacting the publisher to request gift subscriptions
  • Renewing gift subscriptions at the proper time
  • Capturing electronic issues for archival purposes each month
  • Coordinating the exchange of particular titles between our library and partner libraries.
    • Maintaining an Access database of exchange partners and publications
    • Verifying annually that exchanges are current
    • When necessary, coordinating the mailing of publications to partners by use of Microsoft Word/Excel to maintain lists and print mailing labels
    • Delivering material with proper paperwork to shipping and receiving 
  • Reviewing emails daily to update records after claiming with the vendor/publisher
  • Notifying maintenance and receiving of any changes such as drops, ceased subscriptions, frequency changes, etc.
  • Notifying Serials Acquisitions of subscription extensions, possible payment issues, replacement decisions needed, etc.

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Serials Receiving Specialist--Job Duties Pertaining to Vendor Claims


  • Support follow-up with any shipping issues for print titles.
  • Create and review weekly claiming lists associated with subscription agency titles.
  • Handle claims for print titles via the subscription agents’ platforms or as instructed.
  • Review payment records.
  • Search and examine publisher web sites and vendor platforms for pertinent information related to publishing and distribution schedules.
  • Communicate with vendors and publishers in the acquisition of claimed issues.
  • Contact vendors and publishers regarding questions about changes or abnormalities in expected issues including any questions about indices, supplements, special enumerations, frequency changes, delays, suspensions, estimated dates of publication, etc.
  • Record, communicate, and implement responses.
  • Confer with the appropriate colleagues or supervisors as needed for implementation.